Art & Chat - Thursday 06/09/2012

Thursday, 6 September, 2012 - 17:00 to 21:00


Ken Boak

Present Nanode and WiNode - open hardware building blocks for
the internet of things. Both are compatible with Arduino and offer a low
cost means of getting devices to communicate across the web. see Will present some recent projects using Nanode and WiNode
including an arts installation in central London, a crowdsourced air quality
monitor and a dog feeder that is activated via Twitter.


Eufrasio Prates

Talk about a new holonomic and fractal paradigm on music, its conceptual
implications (especially the paradoxical participation of the audience in
co-authorship of the artistic process), and how the holofractal poetics is
based on new interactive technologies (developed with Max/MSP/Jitter) to
achieve its goals.
Many of those experiments are available on my pages,,


Aferidor de Vuelos

Members of the Aferidor de Vuelos project in Brazil will talk to us via Skype about their photography and environmental interventions.

Urban interventions with Narcissus Shadowspot!
Shadow Spot spans whole cities and digital environments. Through staking claims, linking, questioning, sharing & critiquing hidden/unseen spots of urban environmewnts, people make elements of cities their own.

Using digital media, and colourful vinyl stickers, Shadow Spot invites participation in the creation of urban digital architecture for linked hidden, "shadowy", places of interest.

Through placing Shadow Spot stickers, photographing & sharing them, people discover places, build a network of links & critique, as well as bridging digital and physical worlds.

Shadow Spot is an art practice that questions senses of ownership & interest within our madeup environments, urban & digital.

Nancy Mauro-Flude


Please note you may need to present this - i am traveling with my child and have limited internet access reliant on accommodation limitations

I am googable therefore, _I Am_ - networked installation
This self-portrait refers to the solipsistic behavior inspired by regular Internet use.
It is common to look out into this void almost as if it were a mirror to reassure that 'we' exist.Like @heil_kittty's & mjec quotes' belie, it is often the case that people look out from themselves into this void,
almost as if it were mirror to know themselves and others.
Indeed it is buffer and in a sense a type of boundary object that divides the line between ourselves and others, but absent are the palpable qualities of tacit human relation. In a sense this action is a self-erasure or a vanity apocalypse.
Unfolding, or so it seems at the moment prevalent, is a strange sort of vanity based on 'Identity','Image' & 'high-end' graphics, which in our interaction with them we find ourselves becoming more and more removed from actual _living human organism_.
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