art and chat 30.09.2015

New Art and Chat?

Yes! A new art and chat format.

We begin with a new, different art and chat.

The new format is an online discussion that covers Phil + aharon + anyone that fancies coming Recent art linmked activities to begin with. Following the personal updates, we talk about some concrete and abstract stuff we found interesting recently.

Concrete refers to a person, an exhibition, book, music, a number set, an algorithm, a tech, an event, a meeting, and such. Abstract refers to an idea, a concept, a thought, etc. Perhaps should be phrased as amorpous?

music workshop with unique combo of processing/max/msp and puredata

Art and Chat, 24 September,


Before our usual meetup, Phil Jones from the Brasilia Laptop Orchestra
(BSBLOrk will run a free, two hour
workshop to learn how to install and play the orchestra's software.

January art + chat - initial details..

In Brighton, game and stuff developer:

Loading from Brasilia, games and activities with kids and minds in mind:

Beaming from NYC, dance and music with:

Bom-Bane's Community Box Gallery

The Bom-Bane's Community Box Gallery opened yesterday, 17.09.2013.

Bom-Banes' community box gallery is using internet technologies to have localised presence.

In a sense, it extends the local space by virtual means. We can show stuff that might not go on the physical walls and isn't limited by them.

Yet, at the same time, the content is available only in the space where the gallery is located.

We hope to make the gallery at Bom-Banes' increasingly representative of and reflective of the community that is using the venue, and make it truly of and for Bom-Bane's.

When you browse the gallery, no records of you are left, and no one but you knows about it - so go on, have fun!!

Techie bit:
The Community Box is a modified PirateBox that we hope to evolve and help mature..

Currently in the gallery:
  • Maciej Babinski's Etchings.
    Maciej Babinski was a guest in the Art and Chat meetup of January 2013 where we invited him to provide us with something for the CommunityBox Gallery.
    He suggested a focus on his etchings rather than paintings, as he considered these more suitable for the media of electronic reproduction and viewing on mobile devices. (Hear more of this discussion in our video interviews, below.)
    The etchings shown in the gallery were all made in Varzea Alegre, 2013.
    Babinski talks about his work in his own words on video files in the gallery.

  • a dark room
    A Dark Room is a text-based adventure / "god-game" which runs in modern web-browsers. It's written by Michael Townsend and released as open-source.
    In many ways, the game mimes the fantasy of the successful startup, but also raises questions about economics and power (why do those people work for you?) as you evolve from Robinson Crusoe-like isolation, through heroic exploration to world domination.
    The code for A Dark Room can be downloaded from and you can play it yourself online, download and modify it.


Art & Chat, Brighton Digital Festival, September 2013

Artist guests and chats:

All the recordings

Since this art and chat was at Bombanes' for the occasion of the community box gallery opening, the 1st 2 guests were the shows in the gallery..
* Etchings by babinski.
- Listen to the audio for the relevant discussion (1st 2 files)

June/July art and chat

After doing Art and Chat mostly on Wednesdays, and mostly at night, we thought that perhaps it will be an idea to try something different. Some people had a problem with the day of the week, others with the times - specially now that we link from Brasilia - and its always hard to please everyone..
So it seemed like an idea to change a bit. Lets find out how it goes on a different day of the week, a different time of the day, and take it from there.. At the most, we think, it could give a chance for people who couldn't come all these Wednesdays, to come take part - and chat..

Art & Chat goes Virtual on March!!

Due to weather based circumsances far beyond and above our feeble control, Art and Chat goes virtual this month!!!

We will be arting and chatting via GoogleHangouts from 18.30 on Wedesday 27th of March.

To join us, follow:

artandchat At google doT com

.........and we will invite you to the Hangout!

joing london situation from shabitat in brighton #1 the twitts

‏@artistsdigihub 21 Mar
join the chat on saturday re #ewaste following a cyber performance from @furtherfield details

‏@artistsdigihub 21 Mar
think perhaps its time to go warm at home.. #ewaste will continue same kind of times on saturday

‏@artistsdigihub 21 Mar
#genetic waste as stuff that is used periodically - rhythms and noise of #ewaste what is particular to electronic stuff apart from EU funds

Times from Art and Chat March 2013

Following a qickish chat between Phil Jones and Aharon on Sunday, it seemed that perhaps changing the time for art and chat is advisable. The concerns were raised by Phil and revolved around times for people in Brasilia + time perception of the event for people in Brighton.
In Brasilia, people found it too early and fiddly with their day.
In Brighton, people did not take it as an evening thing to do after work.



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